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What is community?

Well, simply put it is a body of people living in the same locality. As such it covers the vast diversity of cultures, belief groups, sexes and ages and allows for our shared interests and a sense of place.

It has been said if you want change - live a long time, but connection produces people power and a belief in each other changes everything.

RUG believes that Local Authorities have a responsibility to be representative democratic organizations and that residents should reasonably expect elected representatives to serve the needs and wishes of their local community.

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Why important?

We live in a country of different groups and working together provides a sense of belonging. Bringing everyone together gives access to all and allows for everyone including minorities to have a voice.


When do we need it?

Some would say that only when something happens, or goes wrong; but without policy nothing happens and a consistent formula for engagement in that policy allows participation.

Who to get involved?

We don't just need a framework, education and funding, we need experts and local champions and the willingness to mix it up. Community is everyone and people are always interested if given the opportunity.



Which methods?

Environment has no boundaries and there are as many ideas as people, so individual empowerment is the key. Knowledge, feeling and action are the catalyst - change ourselves, change the World.

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